Header and Footer Setup

This design settings will be applied to the event page, registration page and emails.

Thanks to the preview, you can see immediately your changes.

Customize your header #

You can customize three main elements according to your branding:

  • Display or hide your chosen logo.

The logo you uploaded in “Global design Setup” will be used here. The optimal logo size is 400px x 100px.

  • Background color of the header
  • Text color in the header area

Don’t forget to save your changes at the end.

Thanks to the integrated color picker you can choose colors using three color models: HSL, RGB, HEX.

Like the header, in the footer area you have the opportunity to customize your branding. In the footer, you have even more elements to customize:

  • Display or hide your logo
  • Change your background and text color
  • Display or hide your social media icons

Connect your social media in the app settings. You can insert a link to your LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook.

  • Enter a copyright text and display or hide it
  • Add links: Insert the name that should be displayed, the link and click on save.
  • Don’t forget to save your changes.

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