ampstream® Enterprise Webinar System

Livestream Events

Deliver fully-branded Livestream Events in stunning HD-Quality. 
Our production-proven system is your choice for
professional livestreams to an audience of 1k+ viewers!

Step 1

Setup your livestream event

Set up your livestream event in 2 easy steps: Define time, time zone and specify event-details. In the next step, you can already forward the livestream link and technical information to all participants.

Step 2

Connect your production studio

Already have a professional production system? Then easily connect it to ampstream to create the best video quality for your attendees. Streaming interfaces, hardware and software encoders can be easily integrated via RTMP.

Step 3

Go live!

Reach thousands of viewers simultaneously with stunning video and audio quality and push interactions in real time. Our production-proven system is designed to handle large and very large audiences. ampstream’s integrated live cockpit gives you all the tools to interact with your audience, collaborate with your team and create and engaging and inspiring livestream event!

Step 4

Engage your audience

Create an interactive experience! You can easily communicate with your attendees and create sharing opportunities with integrated chat features and polls. Make your livestream event more diverse with ampstream.

Step 5

Analyze your success

Get detailed insights about your audience during the event. Directly after the event, detailed reports are available as data export for download and transfer to your CRM system.

Step 6

Reuse your content

Immortalize your livestream event! You can easily convert your event to an on-demand version with ampstream and reach new viewers in the long term. This ensures a sustainable benefit of your livestream.

Start building your live-online-event now!

Fully branded, engaging live-online-events are just a fingertip away!
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