ampstream® Enterprise Webinar System

Live Webinar

Effective live-webinars are a key-element of a sucessful Online-Marketing-Strategy. With ampstream, you are able to deliver professional and engaging live webinar that are worth carrying your brand’s name!

Step 1

Setup your webinar

Set up your live webinar in 3 easy steps: Select a conversion-optimized design template from our gallery. Set the date, time and timezone of your event. Specify event details and email communication with your audience. Your registration page will be live in minutes and is starting to attract your audience.

Step 2

Invite audience

Live webinar marketing is one of the most important steps of a live event. Invite your target audience to your event and create effective social media posts with our sharing tools.

Step 3

Plan interactions and the content

How would you like to engage with your audience during the webinar? Plan the content of your live webinar and configure polls, downloads, call-to-actions and the built-in chat feature. Of course, you can start try-outs at any time and test everything before going live. Now it is also time to bring onboard co-speakers and your background-moderation team.

Step 4

Go live!

Reach thousands of viewers simultaneously with stunning video and audio quality and push interactions in real time. Our production-proven system is designed to handle large and very large audiences. ampstream’s integrated live cockpit gives you all the tools you need to interact with your audience, collaborate with your team and create an engaging and inspiring live event!

Step 5

Analyze your success

Get detailed insights about your audience during the event. Directly after the event, detailed reports are available as data export for download and transfer to your CRM system.

Step 6

Build a relationship with your audience

Stay in touch with your audience after the event, send emails and follow-up information and drive leads through your sales-funnel.

Step 7

Reuse your content

Easily convert your webinar to an on-demand version and attract new audience.

Start building your live-online-event now!

Fully branded, engaging live-online-events are just a fingertip away!
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